Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Android apk v1.5.3 (MEGA)

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Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Android apk v1.5.3 (MEGA)

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Android apk v1.5.3 (MEGA)


It’s been a couple of years since the zombpocalypse transformed the world’s urban communities into memorial parks and sent the couple of survivors into covering up. Presently you should accumulate them up and restore human progress to a destroyed city, one working at once.
Revamp 3 is a methodology sim amusement with a decent aiding of account and dull funniness. It’s an attentive amusement that’ll make you enamored with your survivors before you send them to their passings for more prominent’s benefit. As you grow your fortress to new structures, you’ll settle on ranches or strongholds, lodging or doctor’s facilities, and settle on extreme choices to battle off bandits, ailment, starvation, and franticness. Furthermore, the dead are still out there meandering the avenues, hungrier than any time in recent memory.

* 4X style system and city (re)building.
* Endless replayability with randomized urban communities and occasions.
* Survivors with individual aptitudes, advantages, connections, and stories.
* Rival NPC posts with their own particular plans, benevolent or something else.
* Campaign Mode, a voyage through urban areas of expanding size and trouble.
* Strategic fortress barrier and intuitive assaults.
* Play in either ongoing or turn-based mode.
* 5 abilities: barrier, administration, searching, building, designing.
* 10 assets and one-use things to discover or create.
* 30 missions: rummage for nourishment, execute zombies, ranch, fish, exchange, bartend.
* 35 hub research tree.
* 50 building sorts with novel uses and/or scavengeable assets.
* 70 sorts of hardware to discover.
* 100 survivor advantages: Melee Training, Green Thumb, Light Sleeper.
* 200,000 expressions of occasion content – enough to fill two books.

Tamaño: 43 mb
version: 1.5.3
Idioma: Multi idioma

Requiere Android: 4.1 y versiones superiores

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