Heroes of Loot 2 Android apk v1.0.4b (MEGA)

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Heroes of Loot 2 Android apk v1.0.4b (MEGA)

Heroes of Loot 2 Android apk v1.0.4b (MEGA)


After their occupation, of keeping the prisons in equalization, was done, our saints required another employment. Wandering the terrains they found a call for legends, a manor in need, conceivable even a lady in trouble? Pick two saints to take into the experience, controlling both legends and utilizing their uncommon abilities to explore the unsafe stronghold lobbies, rooms and floors. Exchanging between the two characters to comprehend journeys, confuses, and obviously clear the cells of all underhanded.

Journeys: The cell is loaded with issues, we should call them missions. These issues range from basic «locate a key» to «utilize enchantment forces to light all enchantment candles and open the supernatural door». Distinctive sorts of missions require diverse arrangements. Utilize the aptitudes of the characters in your gathering to finish these journeys.

Weapons: Your characters are your fundamental weapons. The Elf shoots his bolts through numerous beasts, the Wizard has boundless enchantment, the Warrior has a capable scuffle assault with his sledge, and the Valkyrie other than having a speedy turning skirmish assault can likewise distinguish privileged insights and critical plunder. The characters can level up to expand their capability, or find uncommon plunder which improves your character for brief timeframes. This incorporates enchantment spells.

Tamaño: 8 mb
version: 1.0.4b
Idioma: Multi idioma

Requiere Android: 2.3 y versiones superiores

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