Unhappy Ever After RPG Android apk v1.0.5 (MEGA)

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Unhappy Ever After RPG Android apk v1.0.5 (MEGA)

Unhappy Ever After RPG Android apk v1.0.5 (MEGA)


Go into a place that is known for dull RPG dream with Sophia, an eighteenth-century bookkeeper’s disciple to Queen Anne of England. Join her mission to discover a way home and help her render retribution on the abhorrent witch that tore her far from her properties.

Find a world loaded with political interest as an eager for power Emperor tries to wrestle control of the Twelve Duchies by utilization of his supernatural Affinity Guards, and become involved with a defiance where Sophia’s capacities will help choose the destiny of the peculiar, creature filled world into which she’s been cleared.

Help her in her revelation of an antiquated, enchanted revile that lies over the world, denying every one of it’s occupants the capacity to peruse. Take control of antiquated supernatural messages that, as she finds them, will permit her to create capacities sufficiently solid to challenge the Emperor’s most intense Affinity Guards, and maybe even the shocking witch who is in charge of tearing her far from her home.


– Explore an open world where you choose who to encourage and who to leave to their own particular destiny.
– Meet characters from old stories and rhymes, for example, Hansel and Gretel, or Little Red Riding Hood, reconsidered in this dull and chilling RPG.

– A remarkable enchantment framework where reinforcing one capacity debilitates another.
– An addictive medication framework, finish with merchants and missions.

– A grown-up themed RPG with political upsets, fear mongering, medications, murder, and requital.
– Beautiful terrains to investigate.

– A story about growing up with significant character movement.
– Team up with intriguing and capable mates each with their own story, discussions, and identities!

– Enter steampunk prisons, technomage sanctuaries, dim underworlds, creature filled backwoods, and frequented houses.
– A day and night framework where characters go to quaint little inn turn out around evening time.

– 14 hour story-line with numerous all the more additional side journeys, in addition to an additional 2 hour free reward DLC ‘The Maze of Cefgellin’
– Play on after the story’s end, doing journeys, and developing your character and base camp.

Tamaño: 77 MB
versión: 1.0.5
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 4.0 y versiones superiores

Instalar apk y listo a jugar!!!




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