SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper Android apk v2.1 (MEGA)

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SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper Android apk v2.1 (MEGA)

SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper Android apk v2.1 (MEGA)


Convey energetic LIFE to your static wallpaper with the element new SuperWall! Tweak with your own particular recordings or browse a combination of expert clasps (coming soon). SuperWall is the main HD video wallpaper that consequently turns from picture to scene, permitting you to utilize basically every video in your library.

Do you have representation video’s that you have no utilization for? Well you do now! SuperWall is the ideal stage to at last utilize those representation recordings that you shot with your telephone. Picture video’s are ghastly for Youtube, yet they are ideal for SuperWall. Set those individual home video’s of your get-away, wedding, kids, canines, felines, llamas?, and so forth as your Android wallpaper. Tie them up into a Playlist and re-encounter your most loved recollections at whatever point you turn your screen on.

* Wallpaper sets: Saving custom wallpaper sets and restore at whatever point you seek (Widget coming soon).

* Multi-set playlist: Select various wallpaper sets and SuperWall will chain them together and play the successively, circling the last video back to the first.

* Dual-wallpapers: If you utilize a launcher that additionally backings scene mode (ie. Google Now Launcher, Smart Launcher 3, and so forth), then you can alternatively set a scene video for when your telephone is on its side. Ideal for tablets!

* Sync: If you are utilizing a video set (same video with various measurements), you have the choice of matching up the recordings. This implies, when you pivot your telephone, the video will seem to turn with your telephone and resume playing.

* Audio: Audio can be empowered for the wallpapers. This can be killed in the settings, or by twofold tapping the home screen to quiet/un-quiet the sound.

* Pause: The wallpapers can be delayed/continued by triple tapping the home screen.

Tamaño: 1.5 mb
version: 2.1
Idioma: Multi idioma

Requiere Android: 4.4 y versiones superiores

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