Squire: Character Manager Pro Android apk v1.0.18 (MEGA)

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Squire: Character Manager Pro Android apk v1.0.18 (MEGA)


Envision you had quite recently gotten away from a jail cell. You have no defensive layer and no weapons (now set aside opportunity to recalculate your AC and assault parts). You exposed hand battle your way through the gatekeepers to the arsenal and you recover the greater part of your rigging. You set your protective layer back on and prepare your trusty weapon (set aside the opportunity to recalculate your AC and assault parts AGAIN). Presently you’re en route attempting to escape the jail and you experience a progression of experiences, each of which you have utilized distinctive spells or shot your weapons different circumstances. You’re at long last at the front entryway and the principle supervisor is obstructing your direction. You connect with him and similarly as you are going to assault, you can’t recall in the event that you’ve effectively utilized the majority of your spell spaces or in the event that you’ve shot the greater part of your bolts.

This application is intended for pretending recreations which requires various counts to be made for every assault, aptitude check, and barrier. A great deal of work goes into keeping up your character sheet. This application does a ton of the work for you. With


* Create different characters.
* Use different classes for a solitary character.

* Create new weapons, defensive layer and apparatus.
* Purchase things that have as of now been made.

* Create spells and components.
* Apply conditions to you character which will naturally apply punishments and advantages.

* Attack utilizing the gear you have bought or spells that you have chosen/arranged.
* Automatically figure every one of the modifiers that should be connected to every roll.

* Automatically figure proficiencies.
* Quickly prepare or unequip things and have your details change naturally.

* Casting of spells will exhaust spell openings and taking a long rest will recharge them.
* Easily level up.

* Take notes.
* Create otherworldly things.

* Play as a GM.
* Create/Control Monsters.
* Control the activity arrange.


Tamaño: 3 MB
versión: 1.0.18
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 4.0.3 y versiones superiores

Instalar apk y listo a jugar!!!



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