Paperback Android apk v1.0.6 (MEGA)

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Paperback Android apk v1.0.6 (MEGA)

Paperback Android apk v1.0.6 (MEGA)


You are a creator attempting to complete kitschy soft cover books. Finish Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance or even a Crime Noir. Experience the fantasy, and possibly pay the bills. Word building meets deck working in the one of a kind amusement Paperback. Players begin with a deck of letter cards and trump cards. This resemble their own pack of «scrabble» tiles. With every hand of cards you make a word and score it. This score is how much cash you need to buy more cards for your deck. Gather cool letters with capacities, for example, drawing more cards or twofold word score. Purchase Novel cards to pick up «acclaim» focuses to win.


– Hotseat play with up to 4 players.
– 3 levels of AI adversaries.

– Tons of cool card powers.
– Classic mash novel craftsmanship.

– Win with wordsmithing or power combos – up to you.

Tamaño: 39 MB
versión: 1.0.6
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 2.3 y versiones superiores

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