Hex Defender Android apk v1.26 (MEGA)

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Hex Defender Android apk v1.26 (MEGA)

Hex Defender Android apk v1.26 (MEGA)


Hex Defender is a tower barrier amusement with a distinction. With most tower protection recreations the turrets are put and the position of that particular turret is altered. With Hex Defender the six turrets are rotatable around a hexagon. There are six hues to look over for your turrets which will all be compelling against six diverse hued foe ships; red decimates red for instance. Foes produce from the left and right of the screen and assault the hexagon to achieve the gem in the center. Your occupation is to stop them utilizing system and strategies. Situating, decision and annihilation of turrets will be figures finishing a fruitful mission.

Tamaño: 83 mb
version: 1.26
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 4.2 y versiones superiores

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