Angry mafia fighter attack 3D Android apk v1.0 (MEGA)

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Angry mafia fighter attack 3D Android apk v1.0 (MEGA)

Angry mafia fighter attack 3D Android apk v1.0 (MEGA)


The epic battle between the Kung Fu ace posse and the Mafia is on the turmoil; The incensed assault of the mafia is about making due between the war.

Robert’s companion Jonny was a piece of a group of criminal mafia seekers, attempted to escape the criminal demonstrations of the band and joined the police as his source, given jagoo met and got Jonny and killed him, Robert Is here to deliver retribution from his companion.

The city is brimming with hooligans and crowd posse individuals, battle for your respect; You are the savage ruler and annihilation the Mafia and irate warriors in the city. How about we begin the deadly battle, it feels like the metal melts to stay with steel and iron clench hands, avoid your rival and don’t give them a chance to inspire you to slaughter.

As an irate mafia contender, assault your rivals with full drive and quality; Fight to win your regard Put your outrage in your psyche and squash adversaries and warriors and hooligans and ascend high in the battling club like an incensed road boxing champion and furious assailant, the road mafia supposes they are the Champion of this battle, Show them the truth.

In Angry Mafia Fighter Attack you will inundate yourself in the environment of the mafia battling, as a mafia warrior and road boxing champion, you need to shield your region against contenders and irate unfriendly gatherings. Irate Mafia Fighter Attack is a savage battling diversion with incredible environment and design; Show your hand to hand fighting, karate and consolidated Kung Fu procedures.

Set on the perilous voyage of a lifetime where you need to confront your adversaries to achieve your objective, join dangerous combos to pack the last road and battling aptitudes of the mafia with blows in the battling club. Road hoodlums and hooligans are prepared to watch the most questionable battles. The experts of the battle and the colossal kung Fu masters are in the city of the city, they treat them hard, this is the epic fight as a furious warrior accused of blows and kicks.

Irate Mafia Fighter Attack is the begin of a genuine epic fight and battle, it’s between mafia group contenders and hooligans, your opportunity to get the cops off the boulevards of the city and appreciate the crooks in their place. Go eye to eye and eye to eye with furious hoodlums, warriors and hooligans. The rule of the city’s lawbreakers will reach an end when the overcome irate reprobate and mafia contender arrives and assaults.

Irate Mafia Fighter Attack is a blend of thriller, activity and experience RPG, you must be an expert fierceness boxer, a kung fu ace, an extraordinary karate ace and hand to hand fighting master to finish the testing battle missions.

In Angry Mafia Fighter 3D assault, you can utilize different energizing battling stunts, and propelled moves to augment harm and accomplish most extreme battle capacity. Increment your «battle insights» and win battle brilliance. Crush your foe, fundamental waves, combative technique, karate, kick boxing, kung fu, treat your irate contenders with battling traps with various blends of kicks, punches, air strikes, numerous kicks, unending punches, Air strikes and knockouts.

The lanes, rear ways and sections are your mystery puts in the face eye to eye with swarm criminals, appreciate this free web based session of constant fight and activity battling amusement, be an immaculate shadow and irate assault of The mafia contender.

Tamaño: 38 MB
versión: 1.0
Idioma: Multi idioma

Requiere Android: 2.3.3 y versiones superiores

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